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Anaesthesiology Overview

Singapore General Hospital's Department of Anaesthesiology provides a range of anaesthetic, perioperative and pain management services to patients of all ages. There are also several centres under the Department of Anaesthesiology which includes the Pain Management Centre and the Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Centre.

The Department of Anaesthesiology covers a wide range of specialty and subspecialty in anaesthesia including: 

Clinical Anaesthesia

  • Anaesthetic care in the operating theatres for all types of surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
  • Sedation and anaesthesia in angiography, endoscopy and radiology suites as required.
  • Anaesthesia and sedation in the Specialty Centres in the Outram Campus, including National Dental Centre, Singapore National Eye Centre and National Cancer Centre.

Surgical Intensive Care Unit

24-hour specialist intensive care coverage in the surgical intensive care unit, neurosurgical intensive care unit and burns intensive care unit.  

    Pain Management Unit

    Inclusive of:

    • Acute Pain Service
      Providing pre- and post-operative pain management procedures like epidural opioids, patient controlled analgesia and regional nerve blocks
    • Pain Clinic
      Providing inpatient and outpatient chronic pain management
    Staff MembersSub-Specialty
    Senior Consultant & Program Director, SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency Program
    Assoc Prof Koh Liang Khai, Darren MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMS, GDip AcupunctureNeuro-Anaesthesia and Neuro-Intensive Care
    Senior Consultant, Director, Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia & Director, Postgraduate Medical Institute
    Prof Hwang Nian Chih MBBS, FFARCSI, FAMSCardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Senior Consultant & Director, Surgical Intensive Care Unit; Hyperbaric & Diving Medicine Centre
    Assoc Prof Soh Chai Rick MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FANZCA, CICMIntensive Care
    Senior Consultant & Director, Neuro-Anaesthesia
    Dr Goh Pheck Suan, June MBBS, FRCANeuro-Anaesthesia
    Senior Consultant & Director, Comprehensive Anaesthesia Service
    Dr Teo Li Ming MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Liver Transplant
    Senior Consultant & Co-Director, Ambulatory Surgery Centre
    Dr Tham Cheng Shi MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Senior Consultant
    Dr Alex Ford Kan MB BCh, FFA (SA), FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Boey Sek Koon MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSO&G Anaesthesia & Liver Transplant Anaesthesia
    Assoc Prof Chan Yew Weng MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Chew Tsong Huey, Sophia MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FANZCA, FAMSCardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Dr Chin Yew Ren, Eugene MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Chong Shin Yuet MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Paediatric Anaesthesia
    Assoc Prof Goh Meng Huat MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FANZCACardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Dr Harikrishnan Kothandan MBBS, DNB(Anaes), DA(CMC,Vellore), MNAMS(Anaes), FANZCA, PGMCU(UniMel)Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Dr Koh Lay Hwa, Daphne MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Kong Chee Fai MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Dr Lai Fook Onn MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSTransplant Anaesthesia
    Dr Lee Kwang Yang Aaron MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Neuro-Anaesthesia
    Dr Leong Choy Kuen MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSCardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Assoc Prof Lim Boon Leng MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSIntensive Care
    Dr Mok Un Sam May MBChB, FRCA, MSc Med EdObstetric Anaesthesia
    Dr Natascha Fherzinah Ghadiali MB ChB BAO, LRCP & SI (NUI), MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Head & Senior Consultant, Dept of Surgical Intensive Care
    Dr Ng Shin Yi MBBS, MMed (Anaes), European Diploma of Intensive Care, PGDip (Clinical Ultrasound). FCCP, FAMSIntensive Care Medicine
    Senior Consultant
    Dr Patrick Wong MBBS (London), FRCAHead & Neck Anesthesia
    Assoc Prof Pierre Christian Ip-Yam MB ChB, DA, FRCA, FFARCSI, FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Sitaram K Raman MBBS, FFARCSI, FAMSNeuro-Anaesthesia
    Assoc Prof Tan Tong Khee MBBS, FRCA, FFARCS, LLMNeuro-Anaesthesia
    Dr Wong Gar-Ling, Theodore MD, FRCPCNeuro-Anaesthesia
    Dr Wong Loong Tat MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FAMSAnaesthesia
    Dr Yew Woon Si MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Burns Anaesthesia
    Consultant & Director, Perioperative Services
    Dr Hairil Rizal Bin Abdullah MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Perioperative Medicine, Ambulatory Anaesthesia
    Dr Abey Matthew Varughese Mathews MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Dr Chan Su Pin Hazel MD CM (McGill)Anaesthesia
    Dr Geoffrey Liew Haw Chieh MB ChB, FRCAAnaesthesia
    Dr Goh Sin Yee MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Dr Lim Kai Inn MBBS (UM), MMed (Anaes)Perioperative Medicine, Liver Transplantation
    Dr Loh Wei-Tsen Kenny MBBS (Melbourne), FANZCA, MMed (Anaes)Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Senior Consultant
    Dr Shah Shitalkumar Sharad MBBS, DNB, FCARCSI, MRCA, TEE (EAE)Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Dr Shariq A Khan MD, FRCANeuro-Anaesthesia
    Dr Tan Pei Yu MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Dr Thong Sze Ying MBBS, MMed (Anaes), FANZCARegional Anaesthesia
    Senior Consultant & Chairman, Div of Anaesthesiology and Preioperative Medicine
    Assoc Prof Ruban Poopalalingam MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia
    Associate Consultant
    Dr Loh Kent Neng, Samuel MBBS, MMed(Anaes), FANZCA(Anaes)Anaesthesia
    Dr See Hooi Geok MBBS, FANZCADiving and Hyperbaric Medicine
    Dr Thay Yu Jia MBBS
    Dr Xing Jieyin MBBS, MMed (Anaes)Anaesthesia


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    Department Office:

    Academia, Level 5
    Tel: (65) 6321 4220
    Fax: (65) 6326 6301
    (for departmental matters only)

    Last Modified Date :26 May 2017