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    Family Medicine Clinic (FMC) at Chinatown Point

    Family Medicine Clinic (FMC) at Chinatown Point is a partnership between SingHealth and private GP group TriLink. Located conveniently in Chinatown Point, the clinic is easily accessible by public transport. The FMC caters to patients referred by SingHealth's hospitals and national specialty centres and also serves walk-in patients. Instead of going to hospital clinics for follow up, patients can now do their follow-up at the FMC.

    The FMC is part of the Government’s Primary Care Masterplan that includes participation of both public and private sector to provide comprehensive and integrated care to patients with stable chronic conditions. Right-siting patients to Family Medicine Clinic, this is part of SGH efforts to move suitable patients away from hospital care to the appropriate settings.
    The Family Medicine Clinic has all the capabilities to care for acute and chronic diseases commonly seen at a typical GP clinic or a polyclinic. Patients who are usually discharged to GPs or polyclinics can now visit the FMC for their follow up with the reassurance that there is capacity and expertise. For specific groups of patients who require extra support services, the FMC will work with SingHealth to develop special care integration initiatives to better serve their needs.
    In the MOH Healthcare 2020 Masterplan, the FMC is a new model of primary care to provide integrated and teambased care for disease management. It is essentially a cross between the conventional private GP practice and the public sector polyclinic.

    Besides treating patients with common ailments, the FMC is geared towards right-siting a large number of patients whose chronic conditions have stabilised and are currently being seen at our outpatient clinics and polyclinics.

    In ensuring that care delivery is seamless, safe and effective for our patients, doctors at the FMC have access to patients’ medical records through the National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) and work very closely with SingHealth specialists and case managers to comanage their conditions. This means that patients receiving care at the clinic will continue to maintain access to specialist care within SingHealth institutions. Those who are on the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) will also continue to enjoy the same subsidies at the clinic.

    The location of FMC at Chinatown Point is central and very close to SGH Campus. It is within a shopping mall with excellent ambience and facilities and easily accessible by buses and the MRT.

    Patients on referral no longer have to travel to the SGH Campus and can expect to save travel costs and time in the long run. Scheduling of appointments will also be integrated. Lastly, the clinic opens not only from Mondays to Fridays but also on Saturdays, giving patients more flexibility in making appointments.



    Family Medicine Clinic @ Chinatown
    Chinatown Point
    #02-09/10, 133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413

    Opening Hours:
    9am - 1pm
    2.30pm - 6pm
    9am - 1pm
    Sun & Public Holiday:

    Last Modified Date :05 Jun 2014