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Lab Section CategoryBacteriology/Mycology/Parasitology - Bacteria
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Specimen RequiredFor further details, see guidelines on collecting samples. It is important to indicate the source and type of sample sent.
Suitable samples include:
-anaerobic blood culture bottles
-pus sent in a syringe
-tissue or swab sent in anaerobic transport media
-protected BALs
-protected brush specimens
-sterile fluids
All samples must be sent to the laboratory within one hour. 

If both aerobic and anaerobic culture is desired, separate swabs must be sent. Dry swabs must not be sent for anaerobic culture – they have to be put in transport media.
Test ResultOrganisms reported; no growth of anaerobes; mixed growth of aerobes and anaerobes
Turnaround TimeNegative: 4 – 8 days
Positive: 4 – 8 days

  Negative  Positive 
Blood culture   4 – 5 days 4 – 7 days 
Actinomyces 14 days 16 days 

Day(s) Test Set upDaily
RemarksUnacceptable samples include dry swabs and samples from sites normally colonised by anaerobic bacteria, e.g. sputum, ETT aspirate, bronchial washings, stool (except for C. difficile culture), voided urine, vaginal swab, superficial material collected from skin surface.
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