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Synonym(s): Mycoplasma hominis Culture, Ureaplasma Culture, Genital Mycoplasma Culture

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Lab Section CategoryBacteriology/Mycology/Parasitology - Bacteria
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Specimen RequiredUrogenital samples:
-Urethral swabs
-Prostatic secretions
-Urinary calculi
-Cervical swabs
-High vaginal swabs
-Endometrial tissue
-Tubal samples
-Fluid from the pouch of Douglas

Respiratory samples (neonates only):
-Throat secretions
-Endotracheal secretions

Samples from sterile sites:
-Joint fluid
-Fluid or tissue from other sterile sites

When swabs are obtained from patients, care should be taken to sample as many cells as possible, since
mycoplasmas are cell-associated.

Special mycoplasma transport media should be requested from Client Services (Tel: 6321 4950/4952/4904) in preparation for taking the specimen which should be inoculated into the media. As the swabsticks may be toxic to the mycoplasmas, the swabs should be swirled and squeezed against the side of the container and then discarded. They should never be left in the container.

Tissue and fluid from all sites:
Small pieces of tissue (< 5 g)
Small volumes (< 1 mL) of fluid/pus
These should be sent in the mycoplasma transport media to ensure viability of the organism. Large amounts of such samples may be sent in plain, sterile containers.

10 mL of blood obtained aseptically should be inoculated into an Anaerobic blood culture bottle commonly available in the wards.
Storage and TransportAll samples should be despatched to the laboratory as soon as possible. Specimens must be held at 4oC (refrigerated) if there is a delay for a few hours in transporting the specimen.
Test Result

Mycoplasma hominis isolated;

No Mycoplasma hominis isolated;

Ureaplasma species isolated;

No Ureaplasma species isolated


Turnaround Time3 to 12 days
Day(s) Test Set upMonday – Saturday
RemarksUrine samples are not suitable.
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