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Lab Section CategoryBacteriology/Mycology/Parasitology - Bacteria
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Specimen Required1 mL urine OR 1 mL CSF* (please see Remaks)
MethodImmunochromatographic test for S. pneumoniae antigen. Urine antigen test for S. pneumoniae pneumonia. CSF antigen test for S. peumoniae meningitis.
Test ResultPositive for pneumococcal antigen;
Negative for pneumococcal antigen. Infection due to S. peumoniae cannot be ruled out since the antigen present in the sample may be below the detection limit of the test.
Turnaround Time1 day
Day(s) Test Set upMonday - Saturday
RemarksThe immunochromatographic test for CSF depends on the presence of a detectable level of antigen in the CSF, and therefore only supplements culture procedures.

It is a laboratory requirement that a CSF bacterial culture be done every time antigen detection test is ordered. Please ensure that a CSF culture order is placed concurrently with a CSF antigen detection order, and that sufficient CSF sample is provided for both tests (at least 2 mL CSF in total).
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Last Modified Date :27 Jul 2011