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Pharmacy Department

The Pharmacy Department provides a range of services at various sections:

  • Inpatient Pharmacy Services 
  •  Outpatient Pharmacy 
  •  Haematology Centre Pharmacy 
  •  Block 4 Pharmacy 
  •  Aseptic Dispensing Service 
  •  Drug Information Service (DIS)

The Pharmacy Department provides a range of services at various sections:

Inpatient Pharmacy Services

  • Review and supply of inpatient medication orders 
  • Optimisation of inpatient medications to ensure the right medication is prescribed for the right patient at the right dosing regimen, and that drug interactions and side-effects are identified and monitored 
  • Specialised services/counselling for patients in areas such as asthma, anticoagulation, cardiology, transplantation, renal medicine, critical care, infectious disease and haematology/oncology 
  • Dispensing of discharge prescriptions

Outpatient Pharmacy

  • Medication dispensing and patient counselling 
  • Specialised services - Anticoagulation, Asthma and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Counselling and Medication Management Service (MMS) 
  • Pharmacy Home Delivery Service

Haematology Centre Pharmacy

  • Reconstituting cytotoxic drugs into ready-to-use dosage forms 
  • Medication dispensing and counselling for inpatients and outpatients

Block 4 Pharmacy

  • Non-formulary drugs dispensing 
  • A wide range of over-the-counter (OTC) medications, first-aid items, surgical dressings and toiletries 
  • OTC and Pharmacy Only Medicine Counselling for walk-in customers

Aseptic Dispensing Service

  • Prepares Total Parenteral Nutrition formulations for inpatients 
  • Prepares extemporaneous formulations of sterile eye-drops and injectables

Drug Information Service (DIS)

The Drug Information Service (DIS) serves the information needs of physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals at the Singapore General Hospital. It is not for public access.

The service is run by a full-time pharmacist, handling almost 500 inquiries monthly. Resources include Medline, Micromedex, and Cochrane databases, as well as a wide range of reference books. High-speed internet access and proximity of the Hospital library are added advantages. Our hardcopy journal collection consists the following:

  • American Journal of Health-system Pharmacy
  • Annals of Pharmacotherapy (formerly DICP)
  • Australian Adverse Drug Reaction Bulletin
  • Journal of Hospital Pharmacy & Practice (formerly Australias Journal of Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Australian Prescriber
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin
  • Drugs
  • Drugs and Therapy Perspectives
  • Lippincott's Hospital Pharmacy
  • Pharmacoeconomics
  • Pharmacotherapy
  • Prescrire International

In addition to providing evidence-based clinically-oriented verbal and written responses to inquiries, pharmacists at the DIS also provide research support for the Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee, participate in drug use evaluation and research activities, and participate at hospital and government level to promote rational drug use.

Teaching activities include instruction to undergraduates at the National University of Singapore and to pre-registration pharmacists, and staff development (in the form of continuing education for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants alike). We organise educational lectures for doctors and nurses, as well as members of the public, on request.


    The following websites are useful for healthcare professionals to obtain drug information:

      This is the website of the Singapore Health Science’s Authority. The drug safety alerts and recalls section is particularly useful, especially for adverse drug reactions.
      This is the website of the United States Food and Drug Administration.
      This website provides guidelines on treatment, travel information, and access to the MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report).
      This is the website of the National Institute of Health, USA. The searchable database contains a wealth of information on many topics of medical interest.


    Pharmacy Department:

    Block 8 Level 2
    Tel: 6321 4366
    Fax: 6227 4330

    Last Modified Date :24 Oct 2014