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    Podiatry Department

    Podiatry is an allied health profession devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of lower limbs. Podiatrists see people of all ages and from all walks of life.


    The minimum qualification of a podiatrist in Singapore is a degree from a recognised university. Podiatrists in SGH can also register as member of the Podiatry Association ( Singapore ).

    Biomechanical Examination and Gait Analysis

    We provide detailed biomechanical examination and gait analysis to identify abnormalities in foot function in standing, walking and non-weightbearing conditions.

    Orthotics Prescription

    We provide off-the-shelf and custom-made orthoses to patients who require functional control to optimally support their foot posture.

    Footwear Recommendations

    We advise and recommend appropriate footwear after taking into consideration the individual’s foot type, activity level and occupation.

    Therapeutic Treatment

    We provide ultrasound therapy, low level laser therapy, supportive foot strapping and advise on suitable stretching and strengthening exercises to patients who are suffering from chronic or acute musculoskeletal foot conditions (e.g. plantar fasciitis).

    Lower Limb Ulceration Management

    We provide holistic wound care management involving wound assessment, sharps debridement, choice of dressing and necessary offloading devices.

    High Risk Foot Care (Skin and Nail Care)

    We diagnose and provide treatment for skin and nail conditions of the high risk foot – such as corns, calluses, verrucae and pathological nail conditions.

    Nail Surgery

    For patients who are suffering from recurring ingrown toenails, we are able to perform a simple procedure under local anaesthesia to remove the offending nail with phenolisation.

    Head of Department

    Manfred Mak

    Master of Public Health
    BSc(Hons) Podiatry

    Principal Podiatrist

    Kimberly Tan

    B Podiatry

    Marabelle Heng

    Master of Science
    B Podiatry

    Sophie Whitelaw

    Master of Science in Wound Healing and Tissue Repair
    BSc(Hons) Podiatric Medicine

    Senior Podiatrist

    Lee Pei Yueng

    B(Hons) Podiatry

    Natalie Tang

    Master of Science in Health Sciences (Diabetes) with Distinction
    BSc(Hons) Podiatry


    Gavin O’Donnell

    BSc(Hons) Podiatry

    Izza Atiqa Binte Ishak

    B Podiatric Medicine

    Jerilyn Tan

    B (Hons) Health Science Podiatric Practice

    Johnson Boey

    B Podiatric Medicine

    Kwok Siew Keong

    B Podiatric Medicine

    Soh Xin Jie

    B(Hons) Health Science Podiatry

    Renee Lee Wei Lin

    B Podiatric Medicine

    Tan Qian Ying (Gayle)

    BSc(Hons) Podiatry

    Theophila Lan Si'Ai

    BSc(Hons) Podiatry

    Wong Xiaoheng Daniel

    B(Hons) Podiatry

    Yusnellie Amelia Mohamed Taufik

    B(Hons) Health Science Podiatry

    Sengkang Health Podiatrists nested in SGH

    Gerard Evans

    BSc(Hons) Podiatry

    Siti Nurfarahdillah Binte Abdul Razak

    B(Hons) Health Science Podiatry

    Last Modified Date :28 Apr 2017