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Arts Expressions

ArtsExpressions takes the arts out of the gallery and into the hospital. This art space displays a palette of emotions transformed by patients into artistic forms often in collaboration with artists. The changing artworks enhance and humanise the hospital environment for patients, families, staff. In addition to their aesthetic value, ArtsExpressions also aim to create awareness of the patient support groups, and to celebrate the patients’ triumph over difficulties and struggles in coping with their illnesses.

The ArtsExpressions is situated in Blk 2 Level 1 of SGH, a busy passageway leading to the Specialist Outpatient Clinics, used by thousands of patients and staff daily. Exhibitions change every four to twelve weeks and are designed to appeal to a wide audience.

Current Exhibition

14 November 2014 to 15 February 2015 - Circle paintings

A group of SGH diabetes patients expressed their journey with nocturnal hypoglycemia in the form of an artwork work using Chinese ink. (This exhibition was sponsored by Novo Nordisk AS)

Past Exhibitions

1 August to 3 November 2014 – Rainbow of Hope
A multi-media installation by members of the Gynae-Oncology Support Group patients who created ceramic pieces about their cancer journey - from the time they were diagnosed with cancer through treatment and finally through the recovery phase.

27 August 2013 to 1 January 2014 - SingHealth Transplant “Thanks a Million” Installation
A year-long campaign to fold a million paper roses to raise awareness about the life-saving importance of organ and tissue donation. This project was organised by SingHealth Transplant

1 Mar to 31 Mar 2014- Let's Celebrate our Natural Sizes
An exhibition by patients and staff from the SGH Eating Disorders Programme and the Department of Psychiatry who created altered garment labels, with various positive body image messages as part of the Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

23 Jan 2014 – 28 Feb 2014-  Reaching Out Embracing Lives
Saga bean art and coloured sandart were displayed in a “Home” – setting to signify occupational therapists’ goal of achieving independence for patients with injuries.  The exhibition was organised in conjunction with the Occupational Therapy Day.

23 Aug 2013– 15 Jan 14 : Thanks a Million!

1 Jul – 10 Aug 13 : Picture Positive
A visual collection of personal stories created by people living with HIV jointly organised by PhotoVoice and patients from Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

2 Apr – 30 Jun 13: SARs, 10 years on
An exhibition was put up to remember and honour the people who fought selflessly against SARS and to celebrate people in public healthcare to mark the 10th anniversary of the pandemic.

5 Mar to 1 Apr 13: Hope Island
An exhibition by twenty-five colorectal cancer survivors, healthcare professionals and volunteers as part of the Colorectal Cancer Awareness month. Hope Island symbolises their collective life experiences and showcases their positive approach to life despite their illness.

5 Feb – 4 Mar 13 : You are worth more than what you weigh
An exhibition by the Eating Disorder Programme and the Department of Psychiatry to commemorate the International Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

1 Sept - 31 Nov 2012 - Out of their Silent World
An exhibition by the hearing-impaired teenagers and their parents engaging in a Mondrian-inspired painting to commemorate the International Week of the Deaf in September.

1 Aug - 30 Aug - Happy Birthday Singapore!
An exhibition to celebrate our nation’s 47th birthday and in support of the National Day Parade theme, “Loving Singapore, Our Home".

2 Apr - 30 June - Celebrating our Heritage , Your Memories, Our Stories
Enjoy the poignant stories and photographs which offer a glimpse into the early years of SGH and the lessons and values that have been passed down through generations

5 Mar to 28 Mar 2012 - Recapturing Joy and Finding Meaning
The photo-mosaic depicts the hope and strength that these survivors and their families have continued to enjoy life despite its challenges. This exhibition by SGH Colorectal Support Group is in conjunction with the international Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March.

13 Feb to 29 Feb - Let's Celebrate our Natural Sizes
An exhibition by patients and staff from the Eating Disorder programme who created flags which are held up by life-size silhouettes of different body shapes and sizes, encouraging its audience to accept and celebrate their natural sizes. This event was part of the Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

30 Nov to 31 Jan 2012 - Hope
An installation by Year 3 visual arts students from the School of Arts (SOTA). The exhibition depicts patients diagnosed with different medical conditions and in different stages of health. To fuel the recovery process, support from different groups of people is integral to help them recover and integrate into society.

30 Nov to 31 Jan 2012 - Illumination
The exhibition is a contextual piece which uses simplistic colours to enable the public to view the changing of patterns amidst the sunlight by students from the School of Arts (SOTA).
Venue : Blk 4 Level 1 Outside Urology Centre

25 March - 20 May 2011 - I Pledge Thee
An exhibition on graphology, the study of handwriting and its meanings featuring the Hippocratic Oath and Nurses Pledge written by our doctors and nurses as a symbolic gesture of commitment to their professional and ethical standards. This event is part of the SGH 190th anniversary celebrations.

1 March - 16 March -
Bridges that Connect, Voices that Care
An exhibition by Medical Social Workers to celebrate World Social Worker's Day
A series of paintings and collages by Medical Social Workers which depicts the work of social workers, their challenges and how it impacts patients. This exhibition is done to celebrate World Social Workers' Day on 16 March 2011

28 Jan – 28 Feb Celebrating Spring – Chinese Brush painting by SGH Campus staff
Usher in the Lunar New Year with Celebrating Spring – a traditional Chinese landscape painting exhibition featuring 19 artworks by campus staff from the SGH Chinese brush painting class.

24 Sept - 30 Jan 2011
Birdsongs - by Michael Tan & SGH Parkinson's Disease Support Grp
“Birdsongs” was inspired by the relaxing chirpings of birds one hears in nature. Visual artist Michael combines nature and art to result in a creative stimuli that aims to promote muscular, cognitive and social well-being amongst Parksinson patients.

23 Aug - 6 Sept: Of Monuments and Memories
View Singapore’s built heritage in this special travelling photo exhibition organised by the Preservation of Monuments Board (PMB). More than ten national monuments, including Bowyer Block and the College of Medicine, were spectacularly captured in film. Of Monuments & Memories highlights iconic buildings that have withstood the test of time and continue to be symbols of pioneers and leaders who have made indelible marks on Singapore’s history.

5 June – 30 Sept 2010
I Dream - An exhibition by SGH Colorectal Cancer Support Group in collaboration with visual artist, Ben Puah. Photography by Yoko Ma

30 Jan - 30 Jun 10 The Cube
A Collaborative exhibition by artist Isabelle Desjeux and SGH nurses, the hanging art mobile is made up of hand rolled beads of different colours and heights as a metaphor for harmony. Viewed from afar, the mobile forms an impression of a solid cube.
Venue : Blk 4, Level 1, Outside Urology Centre

30 Jan - 30 Jun 10 Rainbow Connections
Standing at 25 metres long, the hand rolled beads is transformed into a giant undulating wave inviting the visitors to touch and wonder!

12 Jan - 30 Mar 10 Metamorphosis
A community art project by artists, SGH patients, staff and volunteers from Hwa Chong Institution.
Venue: Block 5 Garden

29 Aug – 10 Oct 09 Trees of Life
Exhibition showcases a collection of oil paintings of trees, still lifes and Singapore River by local artist and SGH patient Soon Hock Chay. Proceeds of sale go to the SGH Needy Patients Fund.

Jan – Mar 05 Works of HeART
First exhibition at ArtsExpression showcased the works of 11 patients from Psychiatric Ward and Rehabilitation Medicine Ward, on the theme of Hope.

30 Mar – May 05 The Best Things in Life
Fund raising photo exhibition in support of Arts for Health by a staff of SGH, Dr Clinton Chan, that celebrates the splendour around us.

24 Apr – 3 Jun 05 GROW!
The vulnerable lives of children are highlighted in this art exhibition. On show were 20 works by Felicia Low, a visual artists and art educator and children of the Lightweight Club, a support group for parents with children born underweight.

6 Oct – 31 Dec 05 The Whole Woman – Portraits of Blossoms
An intimate display of self-portraits of 16 breast cancer survivors who went through mastectomy. Artwork was put up to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The workshop and exhibition was facilitated by Artist Susie Wong. The works were later displayed at CitiLink Mall Tickle Art Series from February to April 06.

15 Aug – 30 Sept 05 Hand-In Hand
Hand in Hand is a visual document of the stories of burns survivors and their journey to recovery. Members of the Burns Support Group learnt to make models of their own hands which were displayed together with paintings by local artist and La Salle art lecturer, Khiew.

26 Aug – 30 Nov 05 Listen to the Speaking Heart
A fund raising exhibition of emotive art in support of SGH Arts for Health by artist P Gnana.

15 Feb 05 – 1 Mar 06 Let a thousand Flowers Bloom
A display of visual blooms created by patients which convey messages of hope and happiness.

9 May – 30 Jul 06 On Being a Mum
An exhibition in celebration of motherhood and an installation art by four artists by Odile Moulin Susie Wong, Ye Ruoshi and Han Zi Rui

10 June – 24 Jun 06 I CAN
(The installation was put up in the Fountain Garden – one of several alternative art spaces in SGH)
An installation work by visual artist, Justin Lee and 100 SGH patients, I CAN captured the quotes of patients who were challenged to think beyond their state of helplessness. This display was the opening act of Arts Fest@SGH 2006.

Aug – Sept 06 Life@SGH
15 Aug – 15 Sept SGH 185th anniversary Art & Photography competition Exhibition
An exhibition of 25 works by SGH staff to celebrate its 185th anniversary. Staff and visitors were invited to vote for their favourite works.

23 Sept – 30 Nov 06 Listening to the World around Us
An exhibition by children of SGH Listen & Talk Programme Centre for Hearing & Cochlear Implants to commemorate the International Day for the Deaf. The paintings by the hearing impaired children explored the sounds and sights of nature through drama.

29 Dec – 1 Feb 07 Friends - An Ode to SGH Volunteers
An exhibition, in collaboration with the Photographic Society of Singapore pays tribute to SGH staff and external Friends of SGH volunteers. The 20 photographs depict volunteers in action, along with their personal testimony of true spirit of giving.

16 Feb – 15 Jun 07 A Fruitful Year
An installation of collages and crafts by SGH patients and families. Installation, concept and design by artists and graduates from Namyang Academy of Fine Arts.

26 Jun – 31 Aug 07 Art from the Heart
Admire 18 colourful ceramics by colon cancer survivors and their family members facilitated by Ceramic Artist Pearl Yang

14 Jun onwards: Mural Art at Ward 46 - How to fold 1000 cranes?
The colourful mural with a message of hope and healing was created by patients, volunteers and staff at Ward 46, in collaboration with artist Sandra Lee as part of Artsfest @ SGH.

17 Oct – 5 Jan 08 Beautiful Life - Photo Exhibition by SGH Amputee Support Group
The exhibition features 25 photos of nature taken in Singapore Botanical Garden by SGH patients from the Amputee Support Group, and first-time photographers. The photo workshop was facilitated by Dr Tan Eng Loy from SGH Department of O&G with the help of 10 volunteer photographers.

11 Jan - 30 Mar 08 Connecting to Meaningful Living
Exhibition of collaborative artwork by patients, occupational therapists and visual artist, Sandra Lee, in celebration of Occupational Therapy Day on 11 Jan 08.

25 Feb - 1 Mar 08 FREE
Art Installation of T-shirts designed by patients with eating disorders to commemorate The National Eating Disorders Awareness Week. (Venue : SGH Life Centre @ Bowyer Block)

15 Mar - 30 June 08 Hope Blooms here
A site specific installation at the Gardens at SGH Blk 5 and Blk 7 by visual artist, Tay Bee Aye in collaboration with SGH patients and students of Northlight Secondary School.

25 Jul - 30 Sept 08 FREE
An exhibition on the theme of body image conveyed through paintings and T-shirts designed by patients with eating disorders.

21 Nov – 31 Jan 09 Wall Flowers
The installations work captures figures which mould into patterns that resemble old-fashioned wall paper patterns that form a fascinating wall mural.

14 Feb – 15 Apr 09 Windmills Wonderland
A site specific installation of over 1000 pin wheels by patients, care-givers and staff at the Gardens of Blk 5 and Blk 7. This is an annual art project to transform the garden spaces in SGH into 3 dimensional art experience. This year's project is spearheaded by students from Anderson Junior College and installed using bamboos and recycled wood by undergraduates from the Dept of Architecture, NUS.

6 Apr– 31 June 09 Chuckle Comic Competition
LOL! Stop by ArtsExpressions for a laugh and you could just laugh your way to the Bank! Cast your votes for the funniest cartoon and the artist with the most number of votes will win attractive prizes! These cartoons by patients, staff and members of the public are short-listed from among the 50 entries to the Chuckle Comic Competition held from August to November 2008.

Artists/facilitators whom we have worked/collaborated with for the ArtsExpressions:

  • Susie Wong
  • Justin Lee
  • Felicia Low
  • Lim Kok Boon
  • Khiew
  • Odile Moulin
  • Ye Ruoshi
  • P Gnana
  • Steven Yee
  • Pearl Yang
  • Sandra Lee
  • Tay Bee Aye
  • Laura Soon
  • Soon Hock Chay
  • Chloei Hew
  • Hsiung Lu-Fang
  • Isabelle Desjeux
  • Ben Puah
  • Yoko Ma
  • Mademoiselle Maurice
  • Toby Hyunh
  • Dian Handayani


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