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What others say about Arts for Health?

“I've have been here for 11 weeks and have attended many of the varied musical presentations. I have enjoyed them immensely and am very grateful for the ArtsConcert series. They have lightened my heart during some very difficult days”, Natasha Tan.

"I never knew that I could express myself in the self-portrait. My mum commented that it is beautiful and it indeed portrayed me! Quite an experience and the whole experience somehow has enlightened my life,” Katherine, SGH Breast Care Support Group

“Arts have a power to move, touch, inspire and bind people together emotionally,” Installation Artist, Ms Felicia Low who has facilitated three Arts & Craft workshops with SGH patients.

“The soothing strains of Brahms served as a balm for my tired mind as I walked home after a hard day’s work”, Dr Colleen Thomas, Dept of Internal Medicine, SGH.

“(The concert was) the highlight of my day. Medicine for the soul”, said patient Masayu Muhammad.

“Thank you so much for brightening and livening our spirits. I think art and music do as much for illness as modern medicine does”, Jean Ngiau, a visitor.

“Being able to create artworks with the patients was really fun. The workshops has helped the patients to understand themselves as they express what they feel on paper,” Elisa Khoo, Volunteer for Arts & Craft Workshop.

Last Modified Date :04 Jan 2010