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New Multi-Storey Car Park H opens to public

01 May 2010

The new multi-storey car park H is now opened to public. It is located at MacAlister road, behind College of Medicine Building (Ministry of Health).

For your convenience, shuttle buses will be ferrying visitors between the multi-storey car park H and SGH Block 4 (please refer to the shuttle bus schedule below).  

Directions to Multi-Storey Carpark H

Car Park Charges

Since 1 May 2010, per-minute car parking charges have been implemented at public car parks C, E, G, H and I which are managed by Wilson Parking. Differential charges are introduced as follows:

a) For Car Parks C / E / I /G - $0.036/min GST inclusive ($2.16 per hr)
b) For Multi-Storey Car Park H - $0.018/min GST inclusive ($1.08 per hr)

Shuttle bus operating time

Shuttle bus services ferrying passengers between Multi-storey Carpark H and SGH Block 4 will operate as follows:

Mondays to Fridays:
    6.00am to 8.30pm (5 to 7 minutes interval) 
                                         8.30pm to 10.30pm (15 minutes interval)

Saturdays:                     6.00am to 2.00pm (5 to 7 minutes interval)

Sunday & Public Holidays: No Service 

FAQs for Multi-Storey Car Park H

1. Why do you build a Multi-Storey Car Park?

The building of this car park is in response to the need for more parking facilities in SGH. With the opening of this car park there will be an addition of 600 car park lots for use by our patients, visitors and staff.

Patients and visitors are still advised to use public transport when coming to SGH. This will help us to focus on building capacity for clinical patient service facilities so that we can treat more patients in SGH.

2. Why do you build the Multi-Storey Car Park so far away from SGH?

The priority for any available space should be for patient care services so that it is easily accessible by our patients. As a result, the multi-storey car park H in its current optimal location.

We continue to appeal to our visitors and patients to use public transport when they come to SGH.

3. You mean I will have to walk all the way to SGH from Multi-Storey Car Park H?

To provide a hassle-free service for our visitors, SGH arranges a free shuttle bus service operating on the following days and times:
Day Time Frequency
Mondays to Fridays
     6am to 8.30pm about 5 to 7 minutes interval 
                                          8.30pm to 10.30pm about 15 minutes interval
Saturdays                      6am to 2pm about 5 to 7 minutes interval
Public Holidays and Sundays         No service.

This free service will bring you from multi-storey car park H to the porch area of Block 4, SGH.

4. Will there be still Stack Parking Service in your other car parks?

Yes. SGH continues to provide Free stack parking service in our other car parks (i.e. Car Parks C and E).

5. Is there a revision in car park fees?

Effective 1 May 2010, we have revised from per half- hourly parking to per minute parking. This is a fairer charging because it is directly based on usage.

6. Is GST included in your parking fees?

GST is absorbed into the parking charges.

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