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Singapore Health Issue 8 - Jan/Feb

Did you know there's a new procedure to treat myopia that is faster and less painful than Lasik? Find out about ReLEx, which may even be able to treat your presbyopia later in life, in the latest issue of Singapore Health! Also, read about how acupuncture may help couples who have trouble conceiving, as well as the role of aspirin in preventing some cancers from striking again.

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Singapore Health Issue 7 - Nov/Dec

We are 1 year old, and to celebrate our birthday, we have added a special 4-page Malay section AND two contests this issue. One is just for you, the online reader.  Go to SGH Facebook page for details.

In this issue, read about new surgical methods to treat thyroid-related illnesses and ankle pain. If you're about to embark on a holiday that's off the beaten track, this issue is for you with tips on extreme travels and how to prepare for such adventures. Also, people watching their weight or trying to manage their diabetes should mind the glycemic index of foods, not just calories and the amount of fat in foods.

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Singapore Health Issue 6 - Sep/Oct

Five to six per cent, or 2,000 children of every preschool cohort have some sort of developmental impediment that affects their learning ability. But a new programme  is turning out kids who start school with the confidence to cope with the curriculum. Breasfeeding may be best for babies but getting a newborn to latch on to his mother’s breast within the first hour of birth is equally important. These and more in the latest issue of Singapore Health, now available online.

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Singapore Health Issue 5 - Jul/Aug

One day, not too far into the future, a full body checkup will involve just taking a picture of the eyes. Meanwhile, some liver cancer patients no longer need to undergo open surgery to have their tumours removed. And as SingHealth Transplant Awareness Week approaches, we share the experiences and thoughts of those whose lives have changed – for the better – as a result of transplants. Read these and other stories in the latest issue of Singapore Health.

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Singapore Health Issue 4 - May/Jun

Did you know that nearly all cases of cervical cancer are linked to 15 out of more than 100 strains of the human papillomavirus or HPV? The odds of being struck by lightning may be small, but what happens when a person gets hit – and survives? What do you do when you are in Austria and your girlfriend in Singapore says she wants to kill herself? Find out in the latest issue of Singapore Health.

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Singapore Health Issue 3 - Mar/Apr

Discover how robot-assisted surgery helps colorectal cancer patients recover faster, know the complications if wounds are not dressed properly, understand the need to keep waistline in check before it compromises your health and don't let glaucoma steal your eyesight.

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Singapore Health Issue 2 - Jan/Feb

Find out if you carry cancer-causing genes by taking a simple test, know that incontinence can be treated so don't suffer in silence, ditch the bifocals with corneal transplant for presbyopia "老花眼" sufferers and beware as dementia is affecting younger people.

Issue unavailable

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