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Singapore Health Issue 13 - Nov/Dec

We are TWO! The latest issue of Singapore Health Nov/Dec11 is out!  We ask experts: Can the dreaded disease, cancer, be managed like a chronic disease? Also, find out what a happy patient has to say about her spine surgery, why calcium is very important for some people, and why not all dental emergencies should be seen at hospital A&Es.

We also have a four-page Malay special.  Read about total knee replacement, new procedure in vision correction, tattoos removal and how to store medication properly.


Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 12 - Sep/Oct

The size of a tumour is not the only reason liver cancer can recur even after successful surgery. Find out more in the latest issue of Singapore Health, now out. Also, read about a new anti-blood clotting drug that is an alternative to the widely-used warfarin; what’s left behind when you erase tattoos; and how 10 minutes of exercise can kick-start your day.


Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 11 - Jul/Aug

Cherie Lim’s heart stopped for 45 minutes despite emergency measures to revive her from acute heart failure. Today, she is a normal healthy student, preparing for her ‘O’ Levels. Find out how Cherie returned from the dead in the latest issue of Singapore Health. Also, read about a new procedure for prostate cancer that doesn’t leave men feeling less a man, how gaming technology is used in rehabilitation, and who is turning up at A&E with heat disorders.


Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 10 - May/Jun

A knee replacement that makes use of computer technology to give a better fit, a more effective alternative to daily eye drops for glaucoma patients, and a health screening programme that involves the whole family are among the new services available at SingHealth hospitals.

Find out about them in the June-July issue of Singapore Health, out now. Other stories include a programme that teaches parents how to manage difficult kids, how you can play a part in the global race to beat superbugs, and ways to make meals more palatable for patients who have difficulty swallowing. 


Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 9 - Mar/Apr

We honour our patients, caregivers and staff in this issue of Singapore Health: read our winners’ stories and why they were chosen for the inaugural SingHealth Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Awards, and the inaugural Singapore Health Quality Service Awards.

Also in this issue, find out about a new SGH transplant service that allows people to donate their kidneys to recipients whose blood types don’t match theirs, how you can help tissue banks and advance cancer research, and how diabetics manage their pregnancies. 

Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 8 - Jan/Feb

Did you know there's a new procedure to treat myopia that is faster and less painful than Lasik? Find out about ReLEx, which may even be able to treat your presbyopia later in life, in the latest issue of Singapore Health! Also, read about how acupuncture may help couples who have trouble conceiving, as well as the role of aspirin in preventing some cancers from striking again.

Issue unavailable

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