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Singapore Health Issue 31 - Nov/Dec 2014

Although more mothers are donating their babies’ cord blood at birth to the Singapore Cord Blood Bank, there is still not enough for  everyone who needs lifesaving stem cell transplants, especially those who  from minority and mixed races. The need for more donations is urgent.  Find out more in the Nov-Dec 2014 issue of Singapore Health, just out. Also in this issue, discover how music can help patients with Parkinson disease,  why it is a good idea to think and talk about end-of-life issues early with loved ones,  and how local researchers are moving a step closer to understanding what causes Alzheimer’s disease. 

Read the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]

Singapore Health Issue 30 - Sep/Oct 2014

Long-term kidney failure can lead to overactive parathyroid glands and a host of other complications. To address this problem, surgery is often needed. A bit of the gland tissue also had to be re-implanted in the shoulder to restore its function. But a new technique that injects finely minced parathyroid gland tissue into the arm is now the standard practice at SGH. Find out about the new procedure and why it’s preferred in the Sep-Oct issue of Singapore Health, now available on SingHealth websites. Also in the issue: more infants are seeing the dentist; a study shows that a pregnant woman’s mood affects the development of the foetus; the right posture, equipment and attire can help avid cyclists enjoy their sport more comfortably.


Read the Sep/Oct 2014 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]

Singapore Health - Special Edition on Nursing  

SingHealth nurses now don’t just care and comfort  patients but take on expanded roles in clinical practice, education, research and informatics. As integral members of the healthcare team, they are  critical thinkers who influence nursing practice and improve patient care with their  expertise and experience.

Read the Special Edition of Singapore Health [pdf]

Singapore Health Issue 29 - Jul/Aug 2014

At accident sites, paramedics may not be able to administer pain relief easily because of the weight and size of the gas cylinders. But that will soon change as the Singapore General Hospital and the Singapore Civil Defence Force try out two portable pain killers. Find out the details in the July-August issue of Singapore Health, now available on SingHealth websites. Also in that issue: another polyclinic offers physiotherapy services, cancer patients who lost their hair following chemotherapy can check out wigs at the National Cancer Centre Singapore, and a new shuttle service at SGH Campus for wheelchair users.


Read the Jul/Aug 2014 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]



Singapore Health Issue 28 - May/Jun 2014

A new procedure that rids the body of high levels of antibodies now makes high-risk kidney transplants at Singapore General Hospital possible. Read about the treatment and a pair of siblings’ experience in the May-June 2014 issue of Singapore Health, now available on SingHealth websites.  Also in the latest issue are stories about why fewer kids are sedated before undergoing MRI scans at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and about the professorships and a research and education fund that have been named after three giants of local medicine, as well as four model healthcare professionals and their exemplary service to their patients.

新疗法让高风险的肾脏移植手术能顺利进行。这期封面特写让您认识血浆置换疗法能去处体内的抗体帮助一些肾衰歇病人在不相容的活体捐献中找到合适的配对和一对姐弟的亲身体验。其他内容包括如何应付终身性的疾病 - 糖尿病以及在翻新工程时以年长者为出发点,透过新颖设计建造方便易用的乐龄设施。这一期也少不了专家解答医药疑问如眼睛疲劳和卵巢癌的测试。

Issue unavailable


Singapore Health Issue 27 - Mar/Apr 2014

Our cover story is on how NHCS researchers have discovered a potential cure for a type of heart disease that can cause sudden death in  healthy young people.  Find out why malnutrition in elderly cancer patients affects the outcome of their treatment and  learn how to build resilience in your children. Also, read about a new SGH minimally invasive alternative to surgery for people suffering from tendinitis, how marathon newbies can prepare for a run, and why aging can bring on various skin conditions.


Issue unavailable

Singapore Health Issue 26 - Jan/Feb 2014

Technology is increasingly playing a role in helping people deal with their ailments, and in the latest issue of Singapore Health, the spotlight is trained on some medical devices that are changing the lives of patients. A palm-sized device that delivers insulin accurately round the clock is helping diabetics manage their hard-to-control glucose levels. Another device is a stimulator that is implanted in the spine of people who have run out of options to deal with their chronic pain. Other stories in the issue include a study that looked into the link between nutrition and recovery in elderly patients, and a discovery of a new antibiotic from mangosteens.




Issue unavailable

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