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Singapore Health Issue 37 - Nov/Dec

When Mdm Mary Teo was discharged from SGH, a medical team from the hospital’s Transitional Home Care service continued to give her the attention she needed to recover well at home. Read about the experience of Mdm Teo and her carers in the latest November-December edition of Singapore Health, out now around SGH Campus and on SingHealth institution’s websites. Also read about why healthy people should not fear donating their kidneys; anal itch and what is to be done if you have the condition; the types of stents doctors use to ease blockages in heart arteries; what to do to improve the chance of conception; and how a team of professionals have set up a centre to help children with low vision.


Read the Nov/Dec 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]   

Singapore Health Issue 36 - Sep/Oct

The latest issue of Singapore Health is out. Do you think you are too young to get dementia? Read our cover story on the rising incidence of young onset dementia, which can affect people between 45 to 65 years old and sometimes even those in their late 30s. More aggressive than dementia in the old, some cases can be treated and cured if caught early.   Also, find out about the different options available to women who undergo a partial or full breast removal for breast cancer, including a new technique called oncoplastic surgery. Other stories include a trial treatment to help prevent high-risk multiple myeloma from relapsing; the four stages of gum disease and how to nip the problem in the bud; and what SGH emergency medicine doctors are doing for the Indonesian city of Makassar.


Read the Sep/Oct 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]  

Singapore Health - Nursing Supplement

This year, we celebrate 130 years of nursing practice in Singapore. Over the years, the role of a nurse has expanded and evolved. Today, SingHealth nurses not only provide care and comfort. They also excel in the fields of education, research and informatics. As the needs of patients and caregivers change and become increasingly complex, they continually adapt and innovate to provide the best outcomes and experience.

Read the Nursing Supplement 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]  


Singapore Health Issue 35 - Jul/Aug

Diabetes patients now have all their needs attended to at a new centre. The Diabetes and Metabolism Centre or DMC at SGH Campus offers integrated, comprehensive care for the condition, including vascular, ophthalmology and podiatry services. Find out more about the DMC in the latest issue of Singapore Health. Also in the July-August issue are articles about an experimental treatment for depression; how a lower dose of a palliative drug for  kidney cancer that has spread is just as effective as the higher dose; and how no one is too old for braces as long as they have healthy gums and teeth.


Read the Jul/Aug 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]  

Singapore Health Issue 34 - May/Jun

Find out how immunotherapy has been gaining ground in recent years and emerging as a possible new cancer treatment.  Also in this issue, read about the doctor who failed his final obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G) exams at the University of Cambridge twice, but went on to set up Singapore General Hospital’s O&G department; the length a pioneer Medical Social Worker went in the early days to help patients; and a new molecular test kit that can better diagnose a type of kidney cancer and so help doctors select the best treatment for patients. In addition delve into articles on brain tumours, the hard-to-spot-early gallbladder cancer and how the eye is providing doctors with clues to the health of the heart, brain and kidneys.  

在不久的将来,免疫疗法也会加入五大治疗法一起对抗癌症。目前还处于临床试验阶段,这个疗法所呈现出的表现和临床反应令人鼓舞。最新一期的新脉动新闻包括认识戒烟所带来的健康效益,了解更年期女性为何更易患上心脏病和痔疮的成因和治疗方法,以及 终身健保年底落实后人们是否还需购买综合健保双全。专家解答健康问题包括如何预防三手烟、眼睛内出现闪烁光线和严重腰痛问题。

Read the May/Jun 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf] 
Singapore Health Mar Apr cover image

Singapore Health Issue 33 - Mar/Apr

Children as young as 11 are learning CPR and to use an AED as part of a simplified A&E programme aimed at schools and the wider community to encourage more people to pick up life-saving skills. Read about the DARE programme where kids and adults learn to perform CPR at the prompting of a 995 medical dispatcher in the March-April 2015 issue of Singapore Health, now available on SingHealth websites.

Also find out why even though cervical cancer is rare, it is still a good idea to get vaccinated against HPV, the ABCs of clinical trials, a genetic  test for a blindness-causing corneal disease which lets doctors predict who may get it, how fast it will progress and how severe it will be. Also, find out about what is being billed as the next big thing in radiation – a therapy that destroys cancer cells but spares the surrounding healthy ones.  

Read the Mar/Apr 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf] 

Singapore Health Issue 32 - Jan/Feb

You can now use  your mobile phone  to reschedule medical appointments in SingHealth institutions, following a major revamp of the group’s appointment system. Find out more about this in the latest issue of Singapore Health, out now.  Also in this issue, learn how the health care system is being structured to revolve around patients and how patient navigators are helping them receive appropriate care.

In the first of our year-long PIONEERS series, we showcase the  contributions  of healthcare pioneers, Emeritus Consultant, Dr Kwa Soon Bee, and occupational therapist, Mr Ho Meng Jang; and in NEW FRONTIERS, a new column focusing on medical research and education, we explain why SGH’s speech therapists decided to develop their own aphasia test. You may also be interested to find out how an injection can replace eyedrops in glaucoma treatment, and the connection between gums and heart medication.   


Read the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of Singapore Health [pdf]

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