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Eating Disorders Intensive Treatment (EDIT)

EDIT is a structured and comprehensive programme for patients requiring more intensive care and support during recovery. It is conducted at LIFE Centre from Monday to Fridays, 10 am to 4 pm. Patients need to be referred by their attending doctor and can attend as an in-patient or day-patient, depending on the assessment and recommendation by the doctor-in-charge.

Various components of EDIT include:

  • Meal supervision by staff
  • Psycho education
  • Motivational enhancement groups
  • Occupational therapy e.g., baking group
  • Family Therapy
  • Nutrition education
  • Art Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Body Image


Parent Empowerment Group

This workshop is an outreach and prevention programme conducted by a team of professionals comprising a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a dietician and medical social workers. It is essentially a six-hour informal session that we hope will better equip parents with the skills to manage the eating disorders at home with their loved ones. This will be delivered in a mini lecture, small group discussion and role-play format with worksheets. 

Topics include:

  • Knowing the enemy: Causes and management of eating disorders
  • Supporting your child: Parents' role in treatment
  • Psychotherapy: The talking cure
  • Eating right: Healthy eating starts at home

CBT Group for Bulimia

Breaking the binge/ purge cycle...a skills-based group. This group is conducted by trained SGH psychologists and aims to assist participants in containing binge eating and related compensatory behaviours. The group consists of 12 weekly sessions and has three distincitve goals:

  1. Behavioural modification - participants are taught behavioural strategies to normalise their eating pattern.
  2. Emotion regulation and cognitive strategies - participants are taught cognitive techniques for dealing with issues like poor self-esteem and body image, as well as ways to better manage their mood through emotion regulation skills.
  3. Relapse prevention technique.

Family Meal Support

This three-hour session is a crucial treatment arm for patients’ families to help them better manage meal times at home. By allowing the treatment team to better understand the family dynamics through observing the meal process, we hope the patients' families will be better equipped with skills to support the patients in overcoming their difficulties in meal completion.

This session will be facilitated by a psychiatrist, a medical social worker and a senior staff nurse. It will be conducted in a room with a one-way mirror for observation at LIFE Centre and it will be video-recorded for debriefing at a later date.

Let Me Be Me!

Let Me Be Me! is an outreach and prevention programme designed for students to create awareness about Eating Disorders, its impact on the individual and possible risk factors modification for this condition.

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Building a positive self-esteem and healthy body image
  • Healthy living including a well-balanced diet and regular exercise
  • Awareness of Eating Disorders and its possible complications

To find out more about this program and its registration, please click on the following link [pdf]

Last Modified Date :13 May 2013