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Types of Swabs in SGH

 1. Dacron Swab without Media  2. Single eSwab with Amies Media  3. Double eSwab with Amies Media
  • Molecular microbiology  tests, to be sent dry. E.g. respiratory viruses multiplex PCR.
  • Viral antigen tests, to be sent in sterile saline. E.g. Respiratory virus antigen IF test.
  • Viral isolation, to be sent in viral transport medium (VTM). E.g. Herpes simplex virus isolation.
  • Aerobic and anaerobic bacterial cultures E.g. abscess, MRSA wound screening culture, VRE screening culture.
  • Mycology cultures E.g. abscess, environmental sampling.
  • CP-CRE Screening PCR 
  • Note: DO NOT swab chronic superficial wounds or sinus drainage as such cultures are not useful clinically - obtain a deep sample or biopsy for culture whenever possible.


Printable Quick Reference Guide to Types of Swabs in SGH [pdf]

Last Modified Date :29 Aug 2017