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From 1st Oct 2009, SGH Life Support Training Centre (LSTC) will be re-named Institute for Medical Simulation and Education (IMSE).

LSTC started in March 1999 as a venue for formal basic and advanced cardiac life support courses. Over the last 10 years, it has expanded its range of course offerings to include Fundamentals of Critical Care Support, Emergency Airway Management, HAZMAT Basic Provider & Fundamentals of Disaster Management.

Since 2008, the centre has also incorporated the use of simulation mannequins for training. Such human patient simulators offer students a hands-on learning experience by exposing them to simulated medial scenarios. The experience will open their minds to new possibilities while broadening their understanding of medical procedures. At the same time, simulation training offers a reliable option for medical professionals to practise new technologies and advance procedures without putting real patients at risk.

The quality & variety of LSTC courses and educational support services has increasingly attracted participation of health professionals both locally and regionally. In May 2009, a Director was appointed to oversee the strategic directions of the Centre.

Some recent developments at LSTC include taking a more holistic approach to teach clinical skills and soft skills (e.g. communications and teamwork) and introducing a train-the-trainer workshop on debriefing skills to enhance pedagogy standards.

Although the existing name describes the original purpose and past activities of the Centre, it no longer reflects the key changes that have taken place in the Centre and the type of training it provides. The name IMSE accurately depicts the current & future educational activities of the institute.

IMSE will strive to provide high quality medical education with an emphasis on simulation training to further enhance the quality of care that we deliver. The tagline of “Shaping the Right Mind” underpins our belief that experiential learning opens one’s mind to new possibilities and broadens the appreciation of the complexity of medical therapeutics, teamwork and interpersonal communication.

Rationale of SGH IMSE Logo

The logo aims to represent this broad-based learning experience through an abstract representation of the brain.

The convexity of the circular shapes of the logo resembles the brain’s curvature. In their hemispherical alignment these circles of graduated sizes converge in a radial fashion to form a single large circle at one pole of the sphere. This symbolizes that cumulated experience helps to mould the mind and actualises the individual’s potential. It also suggests SGH as the seat of medical education from which students can expand their learning.

The SGH corporate green is used to establish SGH’s brand identity whle navy blue is used for its association with the medical industry. “Century” is used for the logotype to reflect the serious, and academic nature of IMSE.

Last Modified Date :23 Jul 2015