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Neuroanaesthesia in SingHealth offers many of the newest techniques and cutting edge care for patients who possess the whole spectrum of neurosurgical disease. Residents will work in the intraoperative MRI – OT, one of less than 10 in the world, and the intraoperative CT-OT.

Besides providing anaesthetic care for tumour surgery, vascular surgery e.g. aneurysms, major base of skull tumours, spine surgery and emergency neurosurgery, new advancements have enabled us to perform awake craniotomies with high field MRI surveillance. This is one of the few places in the world to possess the skills and technology.

There are 7 Consultant Anaesthesiologists with sub-specialty training in neuroanaesthesia from Canada, UK and Australia. Residents will learn neuroanaesthesia in a hand's-on fashion complemented by a comprehensive teaching program. 

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Last Modified Date :11 Jun 2012