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Obstetric Anaesthesia

The Department of Women’s Anaesthesia provides a comprehensive and integrated Obstetric Anaesthesia residency rotation. We provide an excellent clinical and educational experience for residents with specialist mentorship encompassing all aspects of obstetric anaesthesia for labour and Caesarean delivery. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the only integrated obstetric care centre in Singapore with more than 12,000 deliveries a year giving ample clinical exposure. Multidisciplinary team approach including maternal fetal specialists, neonatologist and anaesthesiologists is used to manage complex patients.

Educational activities include problem based learning program conducted by the specialist faculty with emphasis on current evidence based clinical care. Residents will experience CORE (Combined Obstetric Resuscitations and Emergencies) training, unique to our institution, organized in collaboration with the obstetric team. Obstetric drills and simulation based scenarios targeted to obstetric, anaesthesia and neonatal emergencies compliment problem-based teaching.

The Department of Women’s Anaesthesia is recognized as one of the premier anaesthesia research institutions in the nation with numerous publications. Residents can participate in research with experienced mentorship, and will find a helpful and cooperative environment for designing and conducting research protocols of their own.

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