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Paediatric Anaesthesia

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital is the only institution in Singapore that delivers anaesthetic care to paediatric patients in a setting designed specifically for kids. It sees the highest volume and load of paediatric patients undergoing surgical procedures or medical interventions that require care by anaesthesiologists. This translates into the opportunity to see a large variety of paediatric patients and neonates, some of whom have complex medical problems and special anaesthetic considerations that they are unlikely to get at other institutions. The rotation also provides opportunities for exposure to remote anaesthesia for paediatric patients.

There is a strong emphasis on quality teaching for our residents including the use of simulation and a strong research culture with ample opportunities for residents to get involved in research activities.

The department supports overseas medical mission trips on a regular basis and interested residents may have opportunities to get involved in such activities

Rotations Available:

Last Modified Date :11 Jun 2012