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Claudia Tien

What attracted you to medicine and anaesthesia?
Anaesthesiology offers the opportunity to balance both the application of medical knowledge and practical skills and is both an art and science. Anaesthesiology and intensive care allows one to focus on each patient's immediate issues and provide optimal patient care in a conducive environment. This focus on patient care and safety was the reason I did medicine and later on joined anaesthesiology.

What attracted you to SingHealth for training?
SingHealth, being the largest cluster of 3 training hospitals, offers the greatest depth and breadth of exposure to anaesthesiology, combining the resources of the largest general hospital and the only specialized paediatric and women's hospital in Singapore. The large volume and diversity of patient profiles allows for maximal exposure to all anaesthesia subspecialties and development of confidence in our clinical skills.

What makes the SingHealth Anaesthesia training unique?
Our Program Directors, Associate Program Directors and core faculty are dedicated towards training and improvement of residents. There is also strong camaraderie among the first batch of residents.

Anything surprised you about SingHealth’s program?
Being the largest residency cluster, we benefit from programs designed for the large residency pool for the residency competencies. The program also holds an open mind to feedback from our residents.

What does your future look like right now?
I look forward to successfully completing the residency program!

Last Modified Date :18 Oct 2012