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Hairil Abdullah

Hairil AbdullahWhat attracted you to medicine and anaesthesia?
I had initially started my post graduate training as a surgical trainee before doing a compulsory posting in anaesthesia. It was my first proper exposure to anaesthesia, and after the first month, I realized that there was so much more to anaesthesia then what I have seen during medical school days. It combines in-depth knowledge of basic sciences such as physiology and pharmacology, clinical medicine and acute care as well as practical procedures. Anaesthesia has also allowed me to achieve work-life balance, despite the intense training and studying involved. These reasons were enough for me to decide on a career change.

What attracted you to SingHealth for training?
I have been with SGH Anaesthesia for the past three years now. It is the largest anaesthesia department in Singapore, and training here provides me with exposure to a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions, experience in managing complex and high risk cases as well as a whole range of surgical disciplines and subspecialities. Being here has also enhanced my communication skills, nurtured my interest towards clinical research as well as provided me with ample opportunities to be involved in academic and teaching activities.

What makes the Singhealth Anaesthesia training unique?
As a trainee confronted with these challenges, it is always comforting and reassuring to know that I have a large number of senior anaesthetists to whom I can always depend and trust for support and advice.

Last Modified Date :18 Oct 2011