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Ho Vui Kian

Ho Vui KianWhat attracted you to medicine and anaesthesia?
I love the problem-solving aspect of medicine: the search for clues, the logical reasoning required to arrive at a diagnosis and using experience, knowledge and creativity to provide a solution.

With anaesthesia, it’s exciting as these aspects are compressed into a short space of time and I often have to think on my feet and react calmly and appropriately. I also love doing things with my hands and in anaesthesia, there are plenty of procedures one can do, with new ones devised every so often. You can’t get bored!

Anaesthesia is also highly satisfying. It always puts a smile on my face whenever a patient I had anaesthetized wakes up comfortable and well. I know it is a job well done.

What attracted you to SingHealth for training?
At SingHealth, trainees are not merely digits in the system, but valued individuals who contribute positively as a team for the patient’s well being.

Its culture of excellence is inspiring and that motivates me to be the best doctor I can be. There are many role models here which I aspire to emulate.

Finally, its commitment to teaching and training is strong and is evident in its day to day activities.

What makes the Singhealth Anaesthesia training unique?
With the largest tertiary centre in the country, a dedicated women’s and children’s hospital, as well as numerous national centres, it all translates to a greater volume and variety of cases, including complex cases and cutting-edge procedures not often found elsewhere. The experience and training this provides is unrivalled.

Anything surprised you about Singhealth’s program?
Despite the rigorous training and high standards expected, the senior staff are actually quite friendly and show much care and concern for the trainees’ wellbeing.

At the end of the day, a program is only as good as its people and I’ve found the senior staff always keen to impart their knowledge, experience and skills. One senses a genuine desire to see trainees mature into proficient anaesthetist themselves.

What does your future look like right now?
Demanding, exciting and fulfilling! 

Last Modified Date :18 Oct 2011