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Kenny Loh

Kenny LohWhat attracted you to medicine and anaesthesia?
I chose anaesthesia as a subspecialty and career because I feel that it is very challenging and provides the right balance between practical skills and medical knowledge. I see it as somewhere in between surgery and medicine.

What attracted you to SingHealth for training?
I feel that Singhealth Hospitals offer the best and most complete training in Singapore in terms of both quantity and quality. I also feel that after my training, Singhealth offers the best career prospects in the subspecialty of my choice.

What makes the Singhealth Anaesthesia training unique?
Singhealth anaesthesiology training program is unique because of the hospitals in the Singhealth Group. Singhealth has has one of the biggest loads of interesting cases and varied specialties including KKH which is the biggest Obstetrics & Gynaecology as well as paediatric centre in Singapore

Anything surprised you about Singhealth’s program?
Although not part of the program, Singhealth hospitals support voluntary mission work to needy countries in the region. I had the opportunity to participate in a few mission trips and had the chance to practice anaesthesia in these challenging settings. They were wonderful, fulfilling and interesting experiences that I will always remember.

What does your future look like right now?
Pretty good actually. I am nearing the end of my training and I feel that I have acquired the necessary skills and competence to practice anaesthesia as a specialist.

Last Modified Date :18 Oct 2011