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Thay Yu Jia

What attracted you to medicine and anaesthesia?
Medicine is a profession where our daily work can make a notable difference to someone’s life and in a broader perspective, the advancement of healthcare. I wanted to train to be a clinically competent doctor who will show compassion, empathy and understanding for patients.

I decided upon anaesthesia as my specialty of choice as I enjoy the spectrum of clinical work in the operating theatres and Intensive Care Unit, as well as the strong culture of teaching, mentoring and hands-on learning in anaesthesia.

In addition to the practical aspects of the work, such as airway management, the important role of an anaesthesiologist in ensuring patient safety and comfort in the perioperative period, and contribution to improving patient outcomes sparked the interest in me.

Anaesthesia also provides me with the opportunity to learn to manage critically ill patients in the intensive care units. Their well-rounded training in clinical skills is very interesting, engaging and rewarding.

What makes the SingHealth Anaesthesia training unique?
SingHealth Anaesthesia training is unique because our institution holds the training at 3 different hospitals, including Singapore General Hospital, KK Women and Children's Hospital, and Changi General Hopsital. Each hospital has its strengths and specialties. This provides our residents with opportunities to learn with the best doctors in the various anaesthesia subspecialties.

The clinical workload and complex cases that we see at each hospital also provide us with greater learning and training opportunities.

The mentors and faculties in each institution are also highly dedicated and specialised in their sub-specialty. For example, Obstetric anaesthesist in KK Women's Department of Women’s Anaesthesia, . They have an in-depth knowledge and expertise in their subspecialty, from which we can gleam educationally sound clinical pearls.

Lastly, there is a strong emphasis on learning, teaching and mentoring in SingHealth Anaesthesia, with a supportive environment for training.

Last Modified Date :19 Oct 2012