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Trainee Quotes

"I have always aspired to work in a field which challenges one’s mental ability and decision making skills, a field which requires a great deal of drive, determination, care and compassion. I enjoy working as a team but also as an individual, taking responsibility for my own actions in a challenging environment. Having completed Anaesthesia postings in SGH, I am intrigued by the diversity SHARP provides in terms of training, career and personal growth. Residents are exposed to a wide range of complex cases, guided by renowned faculty and dedicated mentors. It is a place where life-long learning co-exists with the opportunity to rise to new challenges. Come experience it for yourself."
Lie Sui An
R1 Resident

"I took up Medicine because it is a challenging career.  Anaesthesiology is able to provide me with a constant challenge is my daily life.  The training at SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency is seamless, holistic, and yet rigorous enough to prepare each and every train the ability to cope with unique situations.  Every trainee is unique as the program is customized to cater to our learning abilities.  We work hard but we also play hard!  Join our family!"
Mavis Teo
R2 Resident

"SingHealth Anaesthesiology Residency has the advantage of wealth of experienced faculty to guide and mentor our budding residents.  The faculties are very encouraging and involved in the medical education of the next generation.  The program is also organized and well structured.  In addition, SingHealth also has an excellent broad case mix that provides the residents with the best environment for learning."
Antonia Zeng
R2 Resident

"Anaesthesia is the epitome of patient safety and we are our patient's advocate.  It sounds simple but this can be achieved gained through years of hard work and vigorous training.  There are only subtle differences between each training program but the key element is in its people.  I believe that if you want to be the best, train with the best."
Jerry Tan
R2 Resident

“Specialized centers such as KKWCH, they have sufficient case loads to ensure every trainee has ample hands on experience during the course of their training. Senior staffs are willing to go above and beyond what is required of them to improve your skills and knowledge.”
Jimmy Lim

"The institutions under Singhealth have provided the breadth of cases and experience to hone my skills and knowledge in Anaesthesia. The camaraderie I enjoy with my seniors and fellow colleagues in CGH puts a smile on my face everyday I come to work. What more to ask for a place to join?"
Kelvin Quek

"The seniors were caring, approachable and keen to teach, the work environment was fantastic and it was simply a gem of a department!"
Jensen Ng
Medical Officer Trainee

"Changi has a good learning platform in a supportive and friendly environment that encouraged collegial camaraderie."
Hazel Chan
Medical Officer Trainee

"Given its specific patient population, O&G anaesthesia provides a firm base for learning many of the core principles of anaesthesia, in particular difficult airway management. Furthermore, this department is active in quality assurance and has a strong track record in encouraging research at a junior level."
Marilyn Ong
Medical Officer Trainee

“Impressive commitment to education. Myriad opportunities for learning both in and out of the operating theatre. A wealth of formal teaching sessions and the even more valuable resource of approachable senior staff who are invariably willing to edify and enlighten. A close-knit department with a strong culture of inquiry and research”
Oriana Ng 

“SingHealth carries the finest distillation of minds and hands and I want this to be the basis of my core.”
Ng Bang Teen
Associate Consultant 

“Training here provides me with exposure to a wide variety of medical and surgical conditions, experience in managing complex and high risk cases as well as a whole range of surgical disciplines and subspecialties. Being here has also enhances my communication skills, nurtured my interest towards clinical research as well as provides me with ample opportunities to be involved in academic and teaching activities.
Most importantly, as a trainee confronted with these challenges, it is always comforting and reassuring to know that I have a large number of senior anaesthesiologist to whom I can always depend on for support and advice.”
Hairil Rizal Abdullah

"The Singhealth training program is unique because it offers a highly varied casemix, thereby enhancing one's professional training as a specialist. Good clinical exposure, skills training and close supervision is constantly present; as a trainee, one will rarely feel out of depth, even with complex cases."
Dr Olivia Wijeweera

"Anaesthesia is one speciality which allows one to be an all-rounded doctor - you need to be familiar with medicine, surgery, intensive care, emergancy care, paediatrics, geriatrics... Singhealth is one big family with many subspecialities. There is probably no better place to go!"
Dr Thong Sze Ying

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