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Emergency Medicine

Emergency Medicine is a medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illnesses or injuries. Its practice includes the initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and disposition of patients requiring expeditious care that spans the breadth of clinical medicine and surgery.

As an emergency physician, your knowledge and skills can be put to good use in hospital-based emergency departments, acute clinical situations in community healthcare settings, pre-hospital environments and even disasters scenes. You would also be called upon to provide organizational and administrative leadership for emergency departments and other sectors of the healthcare delivery system.

The Emergency Medicine Residency Program at SingHealth is an intensive and structured five-year training program designed to groom you into a clinically-competent emergency physician with well-rounded exposure to clinical research, medical education and administration.

Our Strengths

Superior Rotations, Wide Exposure

We offer superior rotations in very specialized clinical disciplines (e.g. a Burns Center not available elsewhere) and exposure to a wide breadth of patient diversity and pathology.

Our hospitals also attend to the largest load of more than 500,000 ‘undifferentiated’ patients per annum with high acuity, providing breadth and depth of clinical teaching opportunities.

‘One-stop Shop’ for Emergencies Nationwide

For residents in our emergency departments, there is 24-hour consultant based coverage and subspecialty support from all medical and surgical disciplines.

Renowned Faculty, Dedicated Mentors

Our faculty pool includes trained medical toxicologists and the largest group of disaster medicine and management practitioners involved in national disaster and hazmat programs. Man of them are nationally renowned educators with teaching appointments at the local medical schools.

Research Opportunities

With a combined grant funding of more than $3 million for our clinician-researchers and signature research programs, there are tremendous opportunities available for the novice and budding researcher.

Last Modified Date :04 Jun 2012