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Residency Programs

Staying at the forefront of medical excellence, SingHealth is introducing the Residency Program as part of its postgraduate medical education and SGH is one of the main training institutions for many of the programmes available.

Graduate medical education in Singapore is traditionally modelled after the British system. While that system has served the healthcare sector well for many years, constant innovation and adoption of best practices is essential to meet with evolving healthcare demands.

Taking the lead from Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH), SingHealth is incorporating the Residency Program as part of its postgraduate medical education. The program features many positive elements:

  1. Structured education curriculum

    The Program is founded on a structured training framework, modelled after established standards advised by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education International (ACGME-I). This formative curriculum is designed for quality residency training, with standard training requirements based on a set of core competencies¹.
  2. Continuous formative assessment

    A structured evaluation system is in place to provide continuous, periodic assessment of residents’ skills and performances. Such rigorous monitoring systems increase learning efficiency through consistent reviews of training processes and outcomes.
  3. Dedicated core faculty

    The Program faculty comprises a dedicated group of established SingHealth clinician-teachers with protected time for residency training. This ensures a high level of accountability and close supervision of residents’ training, better empowering them for independent medical practice.

Core Competencies

The program curriculum is based on 6 core competencies:

  • Patient Care
  • Medical knowledge
  • Practice-based learning & improvement
  • Interpersonal & communication skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-based Practice
  • Faculty Development
    Faculty Development  to equip individuals with leadership and administrative skills, and increase teaching competencies necessary for passing on of the healthcare education baton.

We look forward to having you as part of our dynamic team of physicians to provide quality care to our patients. Join us to have a headstart to your medical career!

Click on the links to find out more about each specific programmes.


Last Modified Date :23 Feb 2012