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Anatomic Pathology is a dynamic medical discipline that comprises general and specialized surgical pathology, cytopathology as well as autopsy pathology. It is a critical support for the effective practice of all major branches of medicine and surgery. The practice of Anatomic Pathology rests on the foundation and understanding in basic pathological processes, pathophysiology as well as molecular and cell biology.

A five-year robust training program, residency training in Anatomic Pathology with SingHealth will prepare you for high-level general and specialty Anatomic Pathology practice. Our aim is to groom you to be a specialist who is competent, independent, all-rounded and capable of integrating into various systems of medical and healthcare delivery. You can expect a challenging and rewarding training journey, as you acquire the necessary skills sets required for competent autonomous practice of Anatomic Pathology at specialist levels.

Our Strengths

Wide Exposure to Extensive Case-mix

Being the leading and largest public healthcare cluster in Singapore, SingHealth offers a comprehensive span of patient case-mix ranging from routine and common garden variety cases to rare and complex entities encountered in all medical subspecialties. This is experienced on a daily basis at our institutions and is crucial for your exposure to an extensive spread of clinical material in all areas of surgical pathology and cytopathology.

Renowned Faculty, Dedicated Mentors

We have an outstanding pool of faculty with a wealth of experience in clinical practice, medical education as well as research.

Dynamic Training Experiences

You can expect an unrivalled and fulfilling learning experience with a comprehensive set of training activities including:

  • Supervised sign-outs
  • Scheduled lectures and tutorials
  • Slide seminars and conferences
  • Multidisciplinary clinical meetings
  • Hospital-wide clinico-pathological conferences
  • Research opportunities
  • Opportunities for feedback on training
  • Holistic approach to training

Last Modified Date :04 Jun 2012