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  1. This e-Service will take about 5 minutes to complete.
  2. This e-Service allows you to submit an online request for Medical Report. The time frame for completion of medical reports is between 3 to 4 weeks from time of request. Requests for duplication of investigation results will be completed within 2 weeks of receipt at Health Information Management Services (HIMS).
  3. Please refer to our Table of Charges for information on our services and the respective charges.
  4. To request for medical information, kindly ensure that :
    1. patient’s written consent is given for the release of medical information.
    2. for patients below 21 years old, the consent of the patient's parent or legal guardian is obtained.
    3. if the patient is deceased/mentally incompetent, written consent is required from the patient's authorised legal representative and/or appointed Committe of Person & Estate for the release of the patient's medical information.
    4. if a legal representative and/or Committe of Person & Estate has not been appointed, a Letter of Undertaking must be duly completed and signed by all the patient's immediate next-of kin. For patients who are married, immediate next-of-kin include spouse and children above 21 years old. If the patient is unmarried, the parents and all siblings above 21 years old have to complete the form.
    5. photocopies of relevant documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate and letters of appointment of legal representative/Committee of Person & Estate) are to be attached with the Consent Form as proof of your relationship to the deceased.
  5. You may forward the Consent Form to us either by mail/fax or sign the consent form when you collect your report in person.
  6. The release of medical information is subject to official approval.
  7. Please have your credit card ready.
  8. Please ensure that a printer is available for printing of Consent Form and receipt.

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