Faster Recovery, Healing Environment
Comfort and wellbeing in the ward are key to faster patient recovery and the wards at the Outram Community Hospital are designed with this in mind.

Providing a holistic and therapeutic environment that facilitates healing, the wards are designed to provide space for recuperation and rehabilitation to enhance patients’ wellbeing and comfort.

Greater comfort and privacy
Our wards are kept small to provide patients with greater comfort and privacy so that patients can heal in a restful, conducive environment.

A natural healing environment
Natural daylight and cool ventilation are important elements in the healing process, promoting faster patient recovery. That is why our wards are designed to provide maximum natural ventilation and daylight, and to minimise heat gain from the outdoor environment.

Decentralised nurse stations
With decentralised nurse stations within patient wards, nurses on duty will have a clear line of sight to all beds, enabling them to respond promptly to their patients.

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