Holistic Care for Better Patient Experience
The Outram Community Hospital will provide a total healing environment that takes into account not only the physical healing of patients but also their general wellbeing and comfort. Patient facilities and supporting amenities are designed to foster a sense of recovery, wellbeing and reassurance for patients and their families.

Patient lounge
A quiet oasis for inpatients, the patient lounges are located on every floor and encourage mobility by giving patients a place to read, watch television or simply enjoy a chat with fellow patients and visitors.

The rooms also serve as social venues where patients can interact with fellow patients over a game of cards or a quiet chat, thus providing the opportunities for mental stimulation and the chance to improve their motor skills.

Inpatient and outpatient dialysis centre
The first inpatient dialysis facility in a hospital setting, the centre will enable patients the convenience of receiving dialysis within the same building while still warded in the hospital. As part of the spectrum of care that we provide, the centre can also continue to meet the need for dialysis from discharged patients.

Specialist outpatient clinics
As part of the holistic and integrated provision of care, discharged patients can continue to receive follow-up care with their doctors at the specialist outpatient clinics at the Outram Community Hospital.
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