Rehabilitation in Every Space

Every space within the Outram Community Hospital is designed with rehabilitation in mind. Rehabilitation spaces are incorporated into the design of the hospital so that, wherever possible, its facilities can also double as areas where patient rehabilitation can take place.

The rehabilitation process starts early, while patients are still receiving their inpatient medical treatment, so that they can get a head start on the healing process.

In the ward
Patient wards feature bed clusters that include ample room for patients to move about within the ward to encourage them to be proactive in their rehabilitation outside of sessions with their therapists.

At the dayroom
The dayrooms are a central part of the rehabilitation process. Dayrooms are integrated into each ward and feature rehabilitation space where patients can practise their exercises or undergo rehabilitation sessions with their

Under the guidance of their therapists, patients can work on functional rehabilitation exercises such as supervised meal sessions that will help them in their transition back to the community.

At the Activities of Daily Living Centre
Designed as a typical two-room flat, the Activities of Daily Living Centre simulates a home environment where patients can practise performing daily activities such as chopping food and cooking under the guidance of a therapist. The centre will also be a platform for patients to familiarise themselves with the application of the latest home-based technology
devices to aid the elderly and the disabled.

At the rooftop
Offering areas for relaxation and rehabilitation in one communal outdoor space, the rooftop provides a unique venue for patients and visitors to enjoy.

The rooftop’s built-in rehabilitation facilities will promote the practice of additional functional tasks such as gardening and getting in and out of vehicles, while seating areas within lush greenery provide the perfect respite and panoramic views of the SGH campus and Singapore’s iconic cityscape beyond.

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