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Hospital Cuisine

To meet your nutritional needs, our dietitians and chefs have specially planned this menu for our patients. For healthy eating, all the meals are prepared using less salt and oil.

Depending on your preference or dietary needs, you can choose either the Full Diet or Soft Diet:
FULL DIET - If you have no special dietary restrictions.
SOFT DIET - If you have difficulties chewing your food or have specifically been advised by the doctor to go on soft food.

In addition, for medical reasons, our doctors/dietitians may also prescribe the therapeutic diet (Low Fat/Low Cholesterol/Low Salt/Low Protein/Diabetes diet) for you. Please select your meal and code accordingly. 

If you have any feedback, please contact us at 6321 4801.

Please accept our apologies if your preferred choice is not available.
(Any additional requests are subjected to avaliablity at additional costs.)

Our Menu:

Our menu is seperated into Week A's menu and Week B's menu to provide our patient more varities. Before selecting your preferred dishes, check the calendar below to determine which week you are in.

2014 & 2015

Last Modified Date :01 Apr 2014