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Patient Services Overview

    Preparing for Admission

    Admission to the Hospital is by appointment, except for emergency cases. This will be recommended by the specialist during the patient's outpatient consultation.

    Visiting a Specialist

    We have 600 doctors from over 30 specialty areas committed to giving each patient the best medical care. Consultation with our specialists are strictly by appointment only.

    Help on Charges & Payment

    Upon discharge, you may request for an interim bill. Your final hospital bill will be sent to you later by mail.

    Visiting Information

    If you are visiting a patient, you will need to register

    Our Commitment to you

    At Singapore General Hospital (SGH), we strive to provide “Best Outcome. Best Experience” for every patient entrusted to our care.

    Getting Post-Hospitalisation Care

    Making sure that patients with uncomplicated conditions are cared for by their Family Physician means that a tertiary hospital such as SGH is able to care for those who have more complicated conditions.

    Emergency Evacuation

    IMS is the main contact point for Evacuation companies transferring patients home to SGH for medical treatment.
    More about Emergency Evacuation

    When Dispute Arises

    SGH supports mediation as a form of dispute resolution when a dispute arises. More about SMC »

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