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    Key Utilisation Statistics

    As an acute tertiary hospital with over 30 clinical disciplines, SGH has a higher proportion of patients who suffer from high-risk, complex multiple medical conditions, as well as older patients who are more ill and require longer period of stay.

    At SGH, we do not turn away any patient, even when we are short of beds. When there are unanticipated surges of patients requiring admission at A&E, patients may have to wait longer for a bed. Notwithstanding any delays in getting a bed, our patient’s care and safety are always our priority. We will initiate treatment for patients who are waiting for admission at the A&E and they are cared for by the admitting department’s doctors in order to ensure there are no delays and for continuity of care after admission.

    Where necessary, non-urgent elective surgery may be postponed to provide capacity for those in acute need of care. Our doctors will evaluate the patients’ medical conditions before any postponement. Their health and safety would not be compromised.

    SGH is committed to doing our best for our patients and ensure that our emergency patients have timely access to care.

    To find out about "Attendances at A&E Department", "Waiting Time for Admission to Wards" and "Bed Occupancy Rate" at SGH, click here. [Ministry of Health website]

    Last Modified Date :01 Oct 2013