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Bone Marrow Transplant Support Group

The Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Support Group was first initiated by a few nurses assisting in the Post-BMT clinic at the Haematology Centre. There was a high level of stress, fear, anxiety, anger and depression noted in post-BMT patients, especially during the first three months following therapy. The need to come back for repeated therapy also often disrupted the patient's personal life and functional abilities.

The BMT Support Group was formed to accomplish the following :
  • Address patient's concerns regarding their disease and treatment
  • Enhance patient's involvement in healthcare decision making through provision of information
  • Enhance patient's self care ability by teaching them appropriate coping skills
  • Provide patients with physical, psychological, social and spiritual support after BMT, and
  • Teach patients coping skills in reintegrating into the society

The support group meets on the last Friday of each month. Group activities include small group discussions among new patients and their caregivers, successful post-BMT patients, nurse volunteers, doctors , pharmacists and medical social workers. Educational talks are held quarterly on various blood disorders, treatment regimen and need for professional consultation.

Membership forms are obtainable from the group leader SSN Tan Chor Kien from the Haematology Centre or call Tel: 63214722

Last Modified Date :04 Jan 2010