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Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)

Brain Tumour Support Group was started by Dr Tan Siok Bee (PhD), Asst. Director, SGH Division of Nursing and her colleagues in year 2000 as a support group to patients with brain tumours and their caregivers. The meetings were held alternately in National Cancer Centre and TTSH until the SARS period in 2003 when all meetings had to cease.

In 2004, NNI APN (Intern) Emily Ang re-started the support group in National Neuroscience Institute. The group met once a month until 2010 when it was discontinued as an NNI support group. Nevertheless, core members of the support group continued to support each other through their BT journeys. Group members stayed in touch through social media and organised informal gatherings for the core group members on a regular basis.

In December 2012, Ms Melissa Lim (former patient) decided to take up independent leadership of the group. She soon contacted the International Brain Tumour Alliance to gain more exposure and support from the international brain tumour community. In early 2013, Siok Bee invited Melissa to support SGH patients and offered a meeting venue for the group at the Neurosurgery Ward 52B of SGH.

The group now meets every second Saturday on even months at Neurosurgery Ward 52B of SGH from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. Group members are also connected through its Yahoo Group managed by Melissa at Or you can click here for the Brain Tumour Society website.

Typical Group Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introduction of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore) and new members
  2. Bonding Activities
  3. Education (Sharing, Training or Talks)
  4. Refreshment and Informal Interaction

The Objectives of Brain Tumour Society (Singapore)

  • Provide moral and resource support for brain tumour patients and caregivers.
  • Provide patient education to better inform brain tumour patients and caregivers.
  • Advocate for better information, welfare, medical treatment and institutional care on behalf of brain tumour patients and caregivers.
  • Raise public awareness of brain tumours and their effects on patients and the consequent understanding and support that is required from the public, including employers, media and government.
  • Raise monies to support the causes of the Brain Tumour Society

Last Modified Date :17 Jul 2014