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Established since 1989, the Department of Colorectal Surgery at SGH is the only specialised and comprehensive clinical department in Singapore for colon and rectal surgery. It provides extensive investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of colorectal and perianal conditions and diseases. Our range of clinical and patient care services includes colorectal and anal disease surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotics-assisted laparoscopic surgery, colorectal surgical oncology using state-of-art surgical equipment and devices. For the health professionals, it is a one-stop centre for clinical education, training and research and has become one of the region’s leading referral centres for colorectal surgery training.

10th ISLCRS - 6th APETNA 2015 Congress, Singapore (incorporating SGH Colorectal Scientific Week) 

Workshops: 2nd - 3rd November 2015
Live Surgery: 4th November 2015 
ISLCRS Congress: 5th - 6th November 2015

We provide consultation services for a wide-range of conditions including:

i. Anal Conditions
ii. Bowel Continence and Constipation
iii. Colon and Rectal Conditions
iv. Hereditary Colorectal Cancers Syndromes
v. Inflammatory Bowel Disease