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Day Surgery

Our department performs a range of minor operations in our Ambulatory Surgery Centre. These surgeries are mainly for minor anal and peri-anal conditions for which the patients can be discharged on the same day as the surgery. This allows our patients to return to the comfort of their own homes and resume their daily activities with as little inconvenience as possible.


The most common operation done in our day surgery is surgery for piles, also known as haemorrhoidectomy. Surgery is performed for symptomatic haemorrhoids (a.k.a piles) which are not relieved by other non-surgical methods.

We offer the following methods of haemorrhoidectomy:

a. Conventional haemorrhoidectomy
b. Stapled haemorrhoidectomy
c. Transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialisation

Please feel free to discuss with our specialists with regards to the most suitable surgical treatment for your piles.