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We provide consultation services for a wide-range of conditions, namely anal; bowel continence and constipation; colon and rectal; inflammatory bowel diseases and other colon-related conditions.

Anal Conditions
Our department specializes in treating all perianal and anal conditions, especially common conditions such as:

1. Haemorrhoids
2. Anal fissures 
3. Anal skin tags 
4. Fistula-in-ano 
5. Perianal abscesses 
6. Anal warts 
7. Anal cancers

The treatment of anal conditions is a specialized field, as anal and perianal conditions are frequently mistaken for one another. Please seek a consultation session with us should you experience any of the following symptoms:

1. Bleeding from the anus or surrounding area 
2. Bleeding with the passage of stools 
3. Anal pain 
4. Discharge from the anus or the surrounding area 
5. Anal lumps 
6. Itchiness around the anal region

We will be glad to advise you further on the various investigations and treatment modalities available at the consultation session.

Clinic Consultations
Clinic consultations are available daily at our Specialist Outpatient Clinic – Centre for Digestive Liver Disease (CDLD) in SGH Block 3, Basement 1. Appointments can be made through our central appointment hotline 6321 4377.