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Colon and Rectal

We provide consultation services for a wide-range of conditions, namely colon and rectal; anal; bowel continence and constipation; inflammatory bowel diseases and other colon-related conditions.

Colon and Rectal Conditions
Colorectal cancer is the most common cancer in Singapore. With an increasing number of patients being diagnosed with the disease every year, the screening and treatment of colorectal cancer has taken priority in the general health of our population.
Unfortunately when symptoms appear, colorectal cancer is frequently at an advanced stage and often incurable. Screening aims to detect the cancer at an early stage, before symptoms appear, as early cancer can be cured by surgery alone. Screening can also help detect abnormal growths arising from the colon, known as polyps, which can be removed to prevent them from turning cancerous. Our experienced clinicians will advise with regards to the various screening and investigative options available.

If a colorectal cancer should be detected, our specialists will then counsel the patient with regards to the various surgical modalities offered by our department for the treatment of their cancer.

Besides colorectal cancer, many other conditions can affect the colon and rectum including:

1. Diverticular Disease 
2. Colitis and Proctitis 
3. Inflammatory Bowel Disease 
4. Polyposis Syndromes 
5. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Please seek a consultation session with us should you experience any of the following symptoms which are suggestive of a colorectal condition:

1. Change in bowel habits 
2. Abdominal bloating 
3. Blood noted on passage of stools 
4. Mucus discharge from the anus 
5. Sensation of incomplete emptying after passage of stools

Clinic Consultations
Clinic consultations are available daily at our Specialist Outpatient Clinic – Centre for Digestive Liver Disease (CDLD) in SGH Block 3, Basement 1. Appointments can be made through our central appointment hotline 6321 4377.