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Stoma Care

Stoma surgery can be a daunting experience for a patient who is unprepared for the changes it entails in terms of lifestyles and everyday habits. The primary responsibility of the stoma care nurse clinicians is to help patients adjust physically and psychologically after surgery.

Pre-operative counselling is done on first contact with patient to explain the procedure and what to expect once the surgery is
completed. The stoma care team will continue to engage the patient’s post-surgery and educate the patient and family members on stoma care. Follow-up review is also maintained to ensure that patient is well-adjusted to a new lifestyle and capable of self-care.

Under the Stoma Care Service, we also provide Patient-Ambassador Service to our colorectal patients. We have a group of committed ambassadors, who will go to the ward to visit the patients every Tuesday and Friday. The purpose of their visits is to share their personal experiences with newly diagnosed patients and provide reassurance to the patients.

The Stoma Care team also provides Outpatient Service at the Centre for Digestive Liver Disease (CDLD) clinic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pre-operative counselling & post-operative care matters, such as stoma education, skin problem, leakage and wound care will be provided by the Stoma Care team.