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The Department of Colorectal Surgery conducts regular updates and seminars for our group of general practitioners and medical trainees.

Colorectal conditions are common in General Practitioner (GP) practice and it is an area where rapid progress is occurring.  Colorectal cancer is still one of the major challenges Singaporeans face, but yet it has a good chance of cure when detected early with screening.  With an ageing population, functional bowel disorders, particularly constipation, are encountered that may be effectively treated in the community setting.  Last but not least, a lot may be done for perianal conditions in the clinic as well.

On 10 November 2012, we organised an interactive update at the “Colorectal Master Class” specially designed for GPs including a Case Studies and a Quiz segment.  It was well attended.  The group had an afternoon of interactive and mutual learning experience.


This year, a course is being designed to reach out to the GPs.  It aims to provide primary care for the colorectal patients at the GP setting.  Another course is also being designed for our medical trainees and residents.  Keep a lookout for it.