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Colorectal Cancer Support Group (CCSG)

The Colorectal Cancer Support Group (CCSG) provides information, resources, and support to patients, families, friends and medical professionals.

Research by Dr David Spiegel has shown that emotional support can improve the quality of life of cancer survivors.  Members of the CCSG include volunteers, cancer survivors, caregivers, nurses, doctors, medical social workers and other healthcare professionals.

What is a Support Group?

Colorectal cancer is a malignant disease of the colon or the rectum.  The diagnosis of colorectal cancer brings with it many questions.  Medical and financial aspects of your life can be affected.

Support groups provide opportunity for people with similar conditions or concerns to gather for comfort and offer support to one another by sharing their feelings, thoughts, experiences, knowledge and medical information.  They also meet to discuss how to better cope with their disease and treatment.  Most importantly, everyone present in the group understands what you are going through, such as the fear and anxiety while awaiting treatment.

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Why join a Support Group?

You can find:

WELLNESS – Coping with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery journey, being self-reliant; learn to live with cancer and enjoy life.

EDUCATION – Information about medical treatments, research and strategies through person-to-person sharing in the group and increase your knowledge about cancer.

BEFRIEND – A chance to interact with people from all walks of life connected through a common interest.

SUPPORT – Provides emotional and physical support.

Our Activities

The Department of Colorectal Surgery organises activities for the CCSG on a monthly basis.  It can include educational talks, lectures, workshops, therapeutic sessions, such as art therapy, music therapy, etc.

At the end of each year, aligning to the festive periods, we also organise outings for bondage and fun.

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 CSSG Event 12 Sep 2015

 CSSG Event 9 May 2015

 CSSG Event 11 Apr 2015

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How to join a Support Group?

Please complete the attached form and send it back to us at the address provided.

 CCSG Member Form