Because You Gave

Your gift to SGH makes a difference. Philanthropy fuels a wide range of research and other initiatives at SGH — projects that, in some cases, simply wouldn't be possible without your generous contributions.
Read on to see how your gifts made an impact on lives.

Donor Testimonials

When I cooked for charity once a month, I spent about $100 each time on ingredients. Now that I no longer cook, I want to continue to donate the same amount.

- Mdm Theresa Yip, regular donor to SGH Needy Patients Fund since 2010


Our partnership with Singapore General Hospital for the Total Burns Care program ensures on-going operations of the skin culture lab, to provide a ready and immediate source of skin tissue for grafting when the need arises for burn victims. It is through such programs that we hope to make a lasting social impact in societies and build stronger communities where ever we are in the world.

- ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Private Limited

Beneficiary Testimonials 

Thanks to a grant, my team and I successfully set up a novel test that can determine why a patient with leukemia becomes resistant to treatment. We’re the only centre in the region to have this test and are now working to find new treatments for these patients.

- Dr Charles Chuah, Senior Consultant, Department of Haematology


When I fell ill, the first thought I had was what was going to happen to my family… I was the sole breadwinner. But I am glad for the kind donors who donated to this needy fund, as it really helped me through the most difficult point of my life. I am slowly recovering and has since returned to full time work as a cleaning supervisor. Thank you for your kind generosity.

- Mr Rosli Bin Abu, 49, afflicted with hypertension, thalassemia minor, achalasia and left lung bronchiectasis


Because of my poorly controlled diabetes, I lost my right leg from below my knee. I have to go for dialysis three times a week also. Through your help via the Needy Patients Fund, I am now better able to take ownership of my illness. I am glad I can live on with my wife in our one-room HDB rental flat, and am grateful for this blessing.

- Mr Lim, 46, diabetic and amputee with end stage renal failure

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