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What is DDO?

We are a group within Surgery ACP that exists to create solutions to unmet clinical needs, first within the surgical specialties, expanding subsequently to other specialties. While our name suggests that we focus mainly on devices, we also keep an open mind for solutions which are not devices.

What does DDO do?

DDO is engaged in the process of bringing innovative new solutions to the bedside. This involves a process of discovering and validating unmet clinical needs, innovating and creating new solutions, protecting the intellectual property created, and finding strategies to move solutions through the regulatory and reimbursement process to actual use in clinical settings with industry buy-in.

How can I benefit from DDO?

If you are keen on translational research…
DDO can attach engineers to shadow you and/or your department and identify interesting clinical needs to work on together. DDO can help in the process of shaping your project to secure grant funding and bringing it through development to reach a commercial exit.

If you are keen on basic research…

DDO can help you identify grants that support long-term research for your work. 

If you face a clinical problem you would like to work on…

DDO can help you match up to engineers and scientists in the wider academic and research community or industry and help to create a solution, and/or shape your project for further funding and development.

If you already have an idea…

DDO can help evaluate your proposed idea in the light of its intellectual property position, regulatory position and reimbursement potential, and help to plan a commercial pathway with the help of seasoned medtech entrepreneur advisors.