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Intellectual Property Ownership

  • If you invented something using no Singhealth resources and outside office hours, it is yours. Else it belongs to SingHealth and you have to complete an Invention Disclosure Form (http://mysinghealth/Singhealth/CorporateOffice/Research/SHIP/Inventors/Submitting/)
  • If the invention was done with funds from a collaboration, third party or grant, then ownership is governed by the terms of the collaboration, third party funding or grant.
  • If SingHealth commercializes your invention, SingHealth will share the proceeds in the following manner:
    • First SingHealth gets back all patent, legal and administrative expenses related to IP protection and an overhead of 15% of royalties received
    • Then the balance is distributed as follows:
      1. 50% to inventor(s)
      2. 40% to inventor’s Institute
      3. 10% to SingHealth
  • If SingHealth holds shares in a company instead of or in addition to getting royalties from it, whatever proceeds come from selling the shares will be distributed in the same way as above.