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Our Process (Process of Project Validation & DDO Project Assessment Criteria)

This section describes how DDO assesses potential projects and whether they are suitable to take forward to further development and potential funding. Project selection criteria are largely aligned to what granting organizations also look for and require in their applications process.

Stage 1
Who Project proposers
Actions As a proposer, provide a short paragraph describing your project, showing how it fits the criteria below.
Key Criteria
  1. 1. There is a significant clinical problem.
  2. 2. The current treatment options are inadequate and better solutions need to be found.
  3. 3. The need statement summarizes in 1 sentence what is the 1 crucial thing to solve, in order to solve this problem.
  4. 4. The market size is sufficiently large to have a good chance of the project making it through the regulatory process to actual clinical use.
    (A simple online search is sufficient for this.)

Stage 2
Who DDO engineers and proposers
Actions DDO engineers and/or proposers invent together to create a solution.
Key Criteria  Solution
  1. 1. The solution actually meets the need.
  2. 2. The solution is technically feasible.
  3. 3. The solution has significant competitive advantages over existing solutions.
  1. 1. Feedback of stakeholders is positive. (For example, at least 2 other external institution clinicians in this field who might be potential end-users of this product have given positive feedback.)
  1. 1. List the team members and what each member’s role would be.

Stage 3
Who This is done largely by DDO, with significant inputs from proposers.
Actions Evaluation of :
 Disease science
 Technical and clinical feasibility
 IP position
 Extensive competitor analysis
Project development along the lines of :
 Team expansion with subject matter experts
 Obtaining industry strategic stakeholder interest
 Grant funding application process
Key Criteria

The project does not have any insurmountable roadblocks in technical feasibility, intellectual property position, regulatory approval requirements or reimbursement potential which would prevent its reaching viable clinical use.