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Health Services Research Unit (HSRU)

Healthcare Data Analytics


The healthcare industry has always generated large amounts of data, for purposes of record keeping, compliance and regulatory requirements, and patient care. Big data in healthcare refers to electronic health data sets that are so large and complex that it would be difficult to manage and analyse using traditional software and data management tools and methods.

Healthcare analytics takes advantage of the explosion in data to extract insights to drive fact-based decision making for planning, management, measurement and learning. Analytics can be descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive.

Investigators of projects requiring data analytics will be linked up with a team of analytics experts who are familiar with the clinical/operational/research databases, systems and processes in the Health Services Research Centre (HSRC) in SingHealth.

To request for consultation or explore collaboration opportunities, please complete HSRU Request Form.

For your information, this request form is accessible only on our intranet.  In order to access it on internet, PI need to raise an EUP to request for a 2FA which is subject to approval from respective HoDs and IT.   

For further enquiry, please e-mail